Tauranga Pools

Aqua Group Classes

 Aqua Aerobics is a low impact, cardio workout perfect for all ages & abilities.

Whether you're returning from injury, looking to get in shape or simply wanting to add variety to
your exercise routine - this is the workout for you!


Aqua classes enable individuals to improve strength, endurance & flexibility, while reducing both impact & inflammation of the joints. The majority of our instructors are qualified within the sports & recreation industry, which means they hold a wealth of knowledge & experience - to ensure your every goal is met. If you’re a complete beginner, you can rest assured that this full-body workout is done within a safe & supportive environment.


  • Low Impact (same results, less joint stress)

  • Water resistance tones & shapes muscles

  • Full body conditioning, with the cushioning of water

  • A cool, comfortable & calming work-out environment

  • Quick post class recovery


  • $10 per lesson

  • $90 for a 10 lesson concession pass

Interested in the gym as-well? Platinum & Gold Clubfit memberships include our aqua classes.


Baywave Aqua
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Greerton & Otumoetai Aqua

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Mount Hot Pools
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Please Note:- There are no 1.30pm classes at Baywave during school holidays
- There are no classes on Public Holidays

We will be facilitating the upcoming local school swimming sports at Greerton Aquatic center between February 21st and March 28th 2024. During this period some of our morning Aqua Fit classes will be at 8:15am instead of 9:15am, Please see effected dates below.

Aquafit class changes Feb-Mar 24


Low impact | Medium - high intensity

A workout designed to challenge your cardio, strength & flexibility - using dumbbells to target & tone muscles.


Low impact | Medium intensity

A full body workout designed to increase your strength, fitness & mobility. This class typically begins with cardio, followed by strength & a full body stretch.


Low impact | High intensity

This workout adds additional swimming elements with both noodles & dumbbells, to make for a more intense & challenging class.